Welcome to Fusion Cabinets & Flooring
We are a one-stop remodeling company!

Fusion Cabinets & Flooring is a family-owned business with an experience of 24 years. We are local remodeling contractors based in Montclair, California. Our crew of professional plumbers, carpenters, painters, and masons are dedicated to offering high-class service to the nearby towns of Montclair.

Top Reasons to Hire Fusion Cabinets & Flooring:

We employ experienced craftsmen and employees specializing in different niches of house remodeling. Our crew understands that proper planning is essential to get the job done accurately. Our team members have years of experience. Each room we work in is thoroughly inspected by the project manager to ensure quality work. Our experts remove textured finishes and wallpaper, pipe installation for plumbing, repair drywall, bathroom and kitchen renovation, and much more.

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